Retro Studio

Introducing Retro Studio our web IDE running an emulator of the Retro Watch.

Retro Studio will allow users to develop and test their own watch faces, games and applications before publishing them to the Retro Watch.

The back-end is written using Blazor Wasm and WebGL.

Stay tuned for more progress reports on this application!

Fully Funded!

We are fully funded and raised nearly $100k! It was an exciting month that's for sure. We are already well on our way to production and still a couple weeks away from the Kickstarter check clearing....having a lot of contacts willing to work on credit for this project put us a month ahead of schedule right out of the gate!

We will continue to accept preorders until we start our first production parts orders so if you missed out there is still a little time to get one.

Lobo and a Default Watch Face!

We're excited to announce that we have the amazing artist Lobo onboard who's going to be doing some design work including our default watch face. So keep an eye out for our future posts on that.

In the meantime we've been experimenting with the D/AVE 2D GPU on the DA14706 SoC for rendering a watch face. Take a look at the video below.

Please note this is just an experiment using the GPU on the RetroWatch and is not in any way indicative of the final design.