The Retro Watch

A new video game console with dual-core Arm processors coupled with a configurable hardware graphics and sounds accelerator and full smart watch connectivity.

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The Retro Watch


Dual core Arm Cortex M33 running at 64 and 128MHZ


Connect to any smart phone to send and receive messages, interact with applications, and download new apps, games, and updates.

Battery life

Enjoy 4 hours of high speed gaming plus 36 hours of moderate smart watch use.

Developer Portal

The developer portal is open, head to the forum to sign up!


Ultizing an Efinix T20 fpga and custom (and open source) graphics code, the hardware platform is similar in feature capability to a Gameboy Advance, 240x240 pixel screen with 4 independent tiled background layers and 100s of sprites

Hardware Assisted Emulation

Utilizing custom rendering cores, tricky video and sound timing can be offloaded to the fpga allowing most 8 and 16 bit systems to be emulated with unmatched accuracy and perfect lag free speed.

Developer Friendly

Completely open hardware and software eco system with a focus on easy to use tools, a well documented library ecosystem, easy to follow tutorials, and a lively (and friendly) community.

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